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1) Adakah kerana politik KERAT pergunakan KKM utk tidak berkongsi Data Semasa atau "Realtime Data" penularan COVID-19 sekaligus membantutkan usaha PANTAS "Contact Tracing dan pengasingan pesakit COVID-19 secara lebih SEGERA sebelum berlaku penularan seterusnya??? 

2) JIKA ini BENAR, ia adalah sesuatu yg AMAT malang dan tidak bertanggungjawab kerana ia bukan shj membahayakan nyawa Rakyat Selangor tetapi juga merisikokan penularan ke seluruh negara.

3) Cuba baca dan fahamkan betul-betul Item 10 sehingga 19 dalam tulisan panjang lebar Dr. Musa Mohd Nordin di bawah ini. Beliau mendakwa KERAT mendenda dan mengganggu premis-premis yg memaparkan QR Code Selangkah bagi digantikan dgn MySejahtera. Ini menyebabkan Database SELANGKAH terganggu.

4) Tapi KKM tidak pula mahu berkongsi "Realtime Data" dgn STFC menyebabkan mereka juga turut lambat melakukan "Contract Tracing" dan mengasingkan pesakit COVID-19 dari masyarakat.

5) KKM terlalu lambat bertindak sdgkan seperti disebut oleh Dr Dzul dan DS Anwar Ibrahim dalam Wacana COVID-19 & Vaksin Buat Rakyat, kita patut "RAMP UP" testing seperti dilakukan oleh Singapura, Taiwan, New Zealand, malah US dan negara-negara yg berjaya menangani COVID-19.

6) Bagi STFC, yg PERTAMA mereka mahu menyegerakan "COVID-19 Testing" (Ramp up), KEDUA mereka melakukan "Contract Tracing" yg pantas, bertindak "hyper-active" supaya pantas mengasingkan pesakit dari masyarakat yg sihat SEBELUM sempat ia menular ke individu seterusnya. Menurut Dr. Musa Mohd Nordin, STFC cuba berkongsi pandangan dan idea ini dgn KKM tapi mereka buat pekak badak.

7) Dr. Dzul pula berkata, mempercepatkan "Contract Tracing" juga dilakukan oleh banyak negara termasuk Thailand dan Vietnam dengan menambah peruntukan bagi Frontliners, merekrut lebih ramai petugas dgn budget besar disediakan sehingga menambah kekuatan 5 kali ganda menjadikan "Contract Tracing" mereka menjadi cekap dan pantas sebelum pesakit yg dijangkiti sempat menularkannya kpd org lain.

8) Berkaitan budget dan perbincangan secara holistik dgn penglibatan pakar, DSAI kesal kerana PH telah lama menegur di dalam Dewan Rakyat tapi tidak dipedulikan. Natijahnya adalah apa yg berlaku hari ini. Benar juga kekesalan DSAI itu sdgkan RM35 juta boleh pula diluluskan utk bina 3 Dewan Serbaguna manakala Menantu kesayangan diberitakan dapat kontrak RM1.2 billion? Wow..!! Begitulah "komitmen" KERAT. Sgt berdaddykasi. Apapun....KERAT memang CLUELESS, HOPELESS and USELESS...!!


- Zus Din 

31 Januari 2021


It’s all Doom and Gloom unless...

Dr Musa Mohd Nordin

29 Jan 2021


There is much misunderstanding about the COVID-19 situation in the country.

In particular, the high rates in Klang Valley and the role of the only state task force, the Selangor Task Force on COVID-19 (STFC)

Allow me to share a few points and insights for you to carefully consider: 

1.    Do not look at absolute numbers which the daily press releases only harp on. This is unthinking sharing of numbers which is a lousy description of disease epidemiology!

2.    Numbers are misleading unless expressed as per population. Klang Valley is densely populated, of course the absolute numbers will be high. More importantly, look at where the positive cases are. SOCSO is aiming to complete testing of about 850,000 workers in KL & Selangor in January and February, so don’t be alarmed with the anticipated hikes in the numbers.

3.    Look at incidence and infectivity rates expressed as per 100,000 or per 1,000 respectively (attached are graphs of incidence rates and infectivity rates for both cumulative and active cases) 

4.    One must understand the influence of demography and the socio-economic circumstances on the data

5.    S’gor contributed 24% towards the national GDP

6.    It is rich in industrial plants and factories. It therefore houses about 1 million registered migrant workers (MW) and probably similar numbers of unregistered MW. These communities are epicenters of COVID-19 due to their poor working and living conditions

7.    And there are 100k refugees in the Klang Valley alone, another high risk community    

8.    To its credit, the STFC convinced Selangor government to purchase vaccines for both high risk communities 

9.    The state government has put aside X million for Y million migrant workers and refugees who would otherwise be the last in the hierarchy for COVID-19 vaccines, if ever at all

10. BTW Health is a federal matter. There is very little that any state can do without Federal blessings or intervention (except Sabah & Sarawak). Even when PH controlled state planned to roll out the Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) well before the 2019 Budget, the BN YBMK blocked it. In many ways, if the STFC had not stepped in, did mass testing, rolled our POIS (Prevention of Outbreaks at Ignition Sites), allocated Z millions for FTTIS, the situation in Selangor would be far worse, critical even.


11. Federal stopped sharing cases line-listing to STFC since 2 Oct 2020, at the onset of the 3rd wave. This severely hampered the state’s response and coordination of COVID-19 cases. Dr Dzul exclaimed “You ask us to box in the ring but you blindfolded us.” Cases began climbing from 10 Oct 2020 onwards. Now you go figure out why?

12. It is dishonest and misleading to point that Selangor‘s use of its own Contact Tracing system – SELangkah , is the reason why cases are spiraling out of control. Allow me to emphasize 2 points.

a.    First, no contact tracing can be initiated if No Patient Data is shared (see 11). You can have the best Contact Tracing ecosystem in the world, but with no “case data”, CT cannot be initiated.

b.    Second, quite to the contrary, when Selangor was actively using SELangkah , daily incidence were well controlled. Yes, there were still cases appearing, but we managed to trace it fast and clamp it down faster. On 18th of August, an announcement was made in the daily press conference, obligating all stores to use MySejahtera. Words on the streets went wild – stores were fined / harassed for displaying SELangkah QR code. Effectively, SELangkah Contact Tracing ecosystem died off when many shops no longer displayed it. During this period, and until today, MySejahtera was the exclusive Contact Tracing ecosystem operating in Malaysia. Post 18th August too, is the exact time when we saw case numbers climbing up. It doesn’t take much to figure that MySejahtera has failed not only Selangor, but the entire Malaysia when we consider the number of cases today.

13. If KKM is doing such an excellent job at crushing COVID-19, and flattening the curve, and STFC was terribly hopeless, the sequelae would be obvious, everywhere would be green and Selangor would be the only red state. Is that what is happening? Nope I am afraid.

14. And BTW other states, industries, agencies etc are buying in STFC’s POIS program and implementing it. This tripartite initiative between government-industry-NGOs pivots on 3 preventative strategies namely, enhanced public health measures, early detection testing regime and health education.

15. So STFC don’t just talk, but rolls out programs, mass testing, POIS, procuring vaccines etc to end the pandemic 

16. In no uncertain terms, the KKM has failed in their back to basics of pandemic management. Their FTTIS is a colossal failure, and you can have cycles upon cycles of MCOs but if you do not get the basics of FTTIS right, you will fail to check the spread of COVID-19. Imagine the 1-2 days Turn Around Time (TAT) of STFCs strategy versus the 5-7 day TAT of KKM.

17. STFC since Oct 2020 has been trying to share information and new ideas with KKM but it is falling on deaf ears

18. IMARET went into Sabah with our RTK-Ag kits. This was when KKM was still adamant with PCR testing (they still are). We covered most of the islands off Tawau. We did not require to boat ride our tests to Tawau and then fly them to KL and wait for at least a few more days for the results. We diagnosed within 1 hour of testing, isolated the positive case, and completed contact tracing and quarantine within 1-2 days. This is how you bust a cluster and prevent sporadic spread, definitely not with the modus operandi of the KKM.

19. This is how we handled a disaster. We were well trained by our Public Health maestros and our generals in the military (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia). I remembered in Cox Bazar, the ATM’s top commanders, including their 1 and 2 star generals star were with us virtually all the time, dirty their hands, sweating out the only referral tertiary hospital serving 1 million Rohingya refugees.

20. With due respect, I would be still be wary of the Sabah and Sarawak numbers, and for that matter most states. I suspect they are under testing, like a Trump self fulfilling prophecy. Our postive rate is still above the WHO threshold at 5.8% as at 26 Jan 2021.

21. Whenever STFC through SELangkah Finds (the F in FTTIS) hotspots, IMARET, SelCare and JKNS and our team of volunteers will undertake mass testing of a few thousands at any one time 

22. So in Selangor, STFC captures the asymptomatic/pre-symptomatic and not just the symptomatic which KKM only does, thus missing the forest for the trees

23. At the end of the day, we are in it together. If we refuse to learn from each other, and operationalize best Public Health practices we are in for a rough ride.

24. I hope the national task force as petitioned by the 46 top physicians, is rapidly recognized, accepted, and formalized to empower it to immediately re-strategize and transform the mindset, and policy at the top end of the KKM, so that the operations at ground zero will be a truly rapid response FTTIS which has zero tolerance for cases, clusters or outbreaks

25. MCOs are the blunts tools of those who have failed to operationalize the back to basics of pandemic management and in my opinion they should either seek a second opinion from the Task Force and/or gracefully exit to minimize further harm to the nation and allow the Task Force to steer the nation out of this COVID-19 conundrum and to protect the lives and livelihood of its rakyat.

26. Otherwise we are doomed! 

Allah bless Malaysia.1)

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